Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Exploring Roslin

I still have quite a few blogpost underway, but I just thought I would make a quick blogpost about the amazing few days I've had, especially the one I just had today!

To celebrate my friend Lucia's finishing of her German exam, we decided to meet up in Roslin for a wee while, and she took me all around Roslin glenn and the forrest surrounding it, and it was SO beautiful, inspiring and breathtaking.

I was completely ruined by the fact that I didn't have my camera to bring with me at the time, and my phone pictures didn't really do beautiful mother nature the justice I wanted it to, but I thought I would still treat you to a few pictures from it anyways.

I will hopefully go there again soon, and I promise to bring my camera and take lots of pictures!

Such daredevils we are, huh?
Thought it was quite funny how my surroundings went from beauitful forest to foggy fields in a matter of minutes while walking home
Definitely a day where sentences such as "This is forbidden, watch out for the wire", "River path closed", accidently slipping and stepping into water (because you were mistakenly trying to jump around on slippery stones) and seeing your friend crawl down weird, dark tunnels didn't make you want to back away and turn around, simply because you saw beautiful mother nature in every direction you looked... and because it was so damn fun!

I'm really loving life at the moment and enjoying my last 26 days (!!) in Scotland, so I will leave you with these pictures for now!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

1 month!!

I have one month left in Scotland. What.

I remember when I had been here for one month and made this blogpost "1 måned!!" (which is "1 month" in Danish and serves as quite a good symbol of how I'm now more free of Denmark and Danish now, which is why this blogpost, the title and in generel my blog is now in English - simply because that's the language I think in), and I felt like I had been here forever. I was talking about how I already knew the busses in Midlothian better than I did in my home town, which I had lived in for all my life, and that I felt like I had already done more than I would normally do in a year.

Maybe a bit of an overstatement, but now I'm here, almost 8 months after that blogpost was written, and damn I have done a lot. In many ways, I feel like I felt 8 months ago, like I have been here forever and Denmark feels so unreal and I can't believe that I'll be returning to everything in 31 days. But in many other ways, I feel like I haven't been here for 9 months at all. Like 9 months is such a long time and it doesn't really make sense in my head that I've actually done it. I've completed the Scottish high school, I've done my exams, I've made new friends and got to know a new family all around the world and soon I'll be done with my exchange year too.
And I don't feel like I'm done. I am so lookining forward to going back to Denmark too, don't get me wrong, but it feels so weird that my exchange year is soon over. It doesn't feel like I've been here for 9 months, and even though I in the 1 month-post was trying to prepare myself for the months going by fast, I didn't expect them to fly past like this.

In my 1 month post I showed this picture of a to do list I had done with two of my friends, showing what I wanted to do in my exchange year, preferably before Sanna went home 4,5 months later from that point in time.
It's a fun thing to look back on, because it's such a small list and is not even a fraction of all the things I've experienced and learned during my exchange year, yet there is still a few things on the list I haven't done yet.
I've went to the Zoo, York, Nando's, the food market, subway and Edinburgh Castle, but other than that I still have a few things to do, I can see! Glasgow has already been planned, that's happening on the 25th, but I'm glad that I still have a few weeks left to do the other things on the list (plus the things on my up to date to do lists).

These next weeks are going to be absolutely amazing, yet probably also very emotional, because as I've seen on the exchange students, who have left before me, and I'm now feeling it myself, is that the closer you get to your departure date, the more ups and downs you have. The times, where you feel like you never want to leave Scotland, and the times, where you more than anything just want to be at home in Denmark, get pushed closer together and it's so many mixed emotions that you're not sure how you're really feeling. So mostly I just prefer to not think too much about it and just enjoy my last days here in Scotland.

One month left!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

No more exams!

I am sorry again for the lack of posts during the last few days, but I have just been so "busy" with enjoying my newfound freedom - because I AM FREE OF EXAMS!
My last and final exam, the History Higher Paper 1 and 2 exam, came and went and I am so glad that it's finally over. And because I believe that if you feel amazing you will automatically peform better, I found myself having a mini pampering session the evening before my exam (in between all the revision sessions)

Oh what girls do for beauty
And as far as I can see, it worked! I haven't gotten my result yet, but it was definitely not a horrible exam and I would be quite suprised if I didn't pass it - well, now I might have jsut jinxed it, so we'll see!

After the exam a whole lot of things happened (like getting my phone stolen, ugh), and I've been so busy that I haven't been able to put them into blog posts yet (it'll come soon, though!). One of the first things was to go to my favorite coffee shop to not have coffee (actually I did have coffee in my chai latte, but it was a mistake by the employees) and to have fun with Lucia before going to the cinema to see Bad Neighbours!

Such a nice day, and I have several other nice days to talk about later, but it will have to wait for now, as I still have a lot of things to do and things to see! 32 days left, and I'm going to enjoy every single one of them.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Revision, revision, pancakes, revision...

As I have mentioned before, I am currently in my very much awaited but also feared study-leave. High school has technically ended for good, but the days of revision, andrenaline and stress are now taking over. Not saying it's not great to not have to get up at 6.30 every morning to catch your school bus in horrible rain, but the fact that you now have to fake some self-dicispline and actually learn and revise until the horrible exam is not something I really enjoy either.

Yesterday was the day, the last few stressful days have led up to: The Advanced Higher English exam. For this we had all tried to know 16 very depressive poems and 2 plays to be able to write one very detailed essay, and even though I shouldn't be stressing too much, as these grades don't really matter (at least not for my future), but damn there was a lot of pressure!

Me, Holly and a few other girls decided to come in to school a few hours before and go over all the stuff again (and freak out over the fact that the exam was only a few hours away), which actually did help, at least confidence-wise!
The exam itself went alright. I'm not sure if I'm going to pass, simply because I never really know with English essays, but at least I did it! I survived 1,5 hours of adrenaline running through my body, trying to figure out how an English keyboard works (it took me several minutes to find the apostrophe-button) and doubting my English vocabulary and if "self-regard" really meant what I thought it did.

But now, even after completing the English exam and being completely knocked out afterwards, I can't even enjoy it that much and sleep in, because I still have the History exam left! 
I have about 4,5 days to memorize at least 8 essays and a whole term's worth of dates, happening and battle strategies, which is not the most exciting thing to do when the sun is shining so brightly outside. I do however find certain things, that makes spending the days inside with essay plans and papers filled with dates on it, a little more exciting!

I totally felt like a master-chef after my two-coloured pancake creation. It tasted amazing as well!
Like these pancakes - the most excitement I've had today!
But I actually have to get started on all the revising, I just spent so long talking about. I have done nothing productive today yet - 'yet' being the key word. See ya!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Catch up!

I've been kind of a bad blogger recently, but I promise you, I have lots of excuses!

First of all, I had my Easter Holiday most of April, where I had so many people to see and things to do - my brothers from Denmark even came and visited me for 4 days, and even though I ate way too much every single meal and almost died on the way up Arthur's Seat, it was definitely some of the funniest days in a long time!
I'll make one or two posts (depending on the amount of pictures) about it when I have time and finally get the pitures one of my brother's took - but until then you have this picture, taken at the very first day, as some sort of sneakpeak! So stay tuned!

Right after the Easter Holidays, I went back to school for my very last school days ever in a Scottish High School!
It was supposed to be 4 days back in school, where the last one was supposed to be a 'muck up day', where you as 6th years collectively skip classes and just run around and do pranks the entire day. The teachers at my school, however, had heard or read people discussing their plans for muck up day, and called the entire year to an assembly in the middle of class and told as all, that we were according to them all prepared for exams, and for the first time in the school's history, the teachers told all the students the day before muck up day, to leave in the middle of class, go home and not come in the next day. That meant that that thursday, the day that should have been our second last day, was now our very last day. It was all very anti climax, as you, though not really having any special plans for the day, actually had looked forward to the last day of school, where you got to say goodbye to everyone and so on.
Some people, however, decided to go into school on our cancelled muck up day and do pranks anyway, but even though the meanest pranks I ended up seeing was lipstick on the mirrors and a banner above the front door, the school ended up calling the police, apparently, and told everyone to leave.
Luckily we all still have the leavers day and prom left to see everyone and say proper goodbyes!

But instead of ranting about the failed last day of school, I wanted to say that I will start to be a bit of a better blogger the upcoming days, since I am on study leave at the moment.

During the year I my subjects have changed quite a few times, but I ended up having only 3 subjects: Advanced Higher English, Higher Art/Design and Higher History, and out of them I'm doing the exam in English and History.
In English I have already given in my creative portifolio, which counts as 30% of my overall grade, and the exam (which is the 1st of May), where I will be writing an essay abouy either the 16 poems by Sylvia Plath or the 2 plays by Tennessee Williams, will also be 30%. The last 40% would have been my dissertation, but because I didn't do one, I will only get "unit passes" in the end - if I do pass!
In History I have written, rewritten, given in and then written in hand in 2 hours my Extended Essay, which again is 30% of my final grade. The exam (which is the 7th of May) will then be the last 70% and will be parted in two different essays and 5 source questions.

Luckily I'm allowed to write both of my exams on computer, which was a huge burden lifted off of my chest, as I write twice as fast and much better on a computer - wooo!

This post was a whole lot of random things, but I just wanted to tell you why I haven't been blogging this much in this month - I hope you understood it all!

Saturday, 26 April 2014


I've always had a weird relationship with countdowns, because it can often distract you from enjoying what you're actually going through, as you might be only focusing on the upcoming date. I have however decided to use it as a motivater and as a way to remind myself to live every day of my exchange to the fullest - because time is seriously running out!

I have 50 days left.
That also equals about 1200 hours or 72000 minutes, and when you say it like that, it does actually sound like a long time. But even as I'm writing this, time is ticking away, and tomorrow I will only have 7 weeks left. 7 weeks?! Where did the 43 weeks, I came here with, go? How did I already spend over 83 % of my entire exchange?
My exchange year, my second life in Scotland from 2013-2014, has and still is the best year of my life (so far). It has been a year, I've saved up for and looked forward to for several years, and I honestly couldn't believe that it was actually going to happen, when I sat on the airplane to Scotland oh so many days ago, and now I can't believe that it's coming to an end.
I remember sitting with my friend last year around this time, talking about how only a year from now we would be leaving our host country - it seemed so far away! Yet here I am, 251 days worth of memories and learning experiences richer, and only with 50 days left until it's all over. If that's not motivating to go out and do something to enjoy my last days, then I don't know what is!

251 days adds up to about 68 % of one year, and while that does sound like a lot of time to spend from home (and I remember how I realised how long 10 months is when I came here), it honestly has flown past. Of course there has been days, where I've felt like school just never would come to an end or I've felt sad or down and haven't enjoyed my day to the fullest, but honestly, when I looked back on it all one or two weeks after, I couldn't believe how fast it all went anyways, and how much I actually enjoyed it, though having some bad days once in a while.
Because as my very smart friend Sanna once said, when you return to your home country and look back on your exchange, it's not the bads days, you remember, but instead it's all the amazing stuff, that did happen while you were there, which you look back on and smile.
Because when I look back to the previous years, the years I spend in Denmark, and compare them to this exchange year, I can't believe how much I've done in Scotland in only 68 % of one.
Because as an exchange student, you have this unstoppable will and desire to experience and enjoy every single day of your exchange, because you - unlike when you're home, where time seems to go so slow and everything can seem so unending - are constantly aware that you are only here, in the country you always wanted to live in, for a very limited amount of days, and you will have to say goodbye to the amazing friends, you always hoped to meet, very soon.
That is one of the many things and changes, I hope to take home with me to Denmark in 50 days, now a few minutes less. I hope to enjoy every day in Denmark like I have done in this exchange year and to experience, explore and enjoy all the places around me, that I had taken for granted in Denmark before.

I wasn't really sure where to go with this post, other than to remind you guys, but also myself, that time is always running out. I don't mean that in a negative way, not at all actually, but more as a reminder to enjoy everything while you can! I still have over 16,5 % of my exchange left, 50 days, and I intend to make the best out of them - I still have so many more memories to obtain!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

So much is happening right now!

It's the Easter Holidays, the days of trying to relax though you know you really shouldn't, because hey, you have a shitload of revising to do, but instead you just press "next episode" on netflix and sink deeper into your mountains of pillows and candy. But holy cow, so much has happened! - though still no revising yet, but shhh.

First, my mom decided that we would in fact become a host family for an exchange student next school year, if we found one that suited us. And we did! So off we went with the whole "interview and getting approved"-thing, and we are now far enough in the approval-process, that we can actually "reserve" an exchange student. So we did!
Unfortunately the exchange student doesn't know yet, but we are in the middle of writing her welcome-letters and finding pictures for her to see - I'll probably write something about it as soon as I can say more!

But other than that, a lot of other stuff has happened!

I bought an emerald and diamond ring (and I'm now feeling so damn fancy) after the heritage I got after my grandfather as a memory of him - and then it goes well with the ring I got from my mother at my birthday last year and my necklace from my father. It's always nice to have something to kind of symbolise the people you miss, especially when you're so far away from home!

I also won first place in ETS' (my agency over here) photo competition with this picture of Hanna and a bagpipe guy and got a voucher for 30 pounds for Primark (who doesn't love Primark?!) sent to me - it was so cool!

I've never won anything for my pictures or had any other approval from other than friends and family before, so it was nice that a professional photographer thought my picture was nice!

 I also went a wee bit crazy and bought a lot of clothes and things for my prom hair - most of it was out of charity shops, however, so my wallet didn't suffer too much, even though I among other stuff got a leather bag and a fur coat. Might post something about it later, we'll see!

And at last, I got my prom dress! Luckily, I can still fit it (a nice way to know that you haven't put on too much weight during this exchange) and with the shoes, that came with it, I think it's going to look quite nice, if I may say so myself - yes I may!

But I've been really ill lately and haven't been able to do all the stuff I've been wanting to do (like revising, even though it's not a thing I've been 'wanting to do', but more of a thing I kinda need to do), but when I get well enough I'll take some more pictures of my prom dress and really show it off!
Everything is settled for prom and I'm so excited - 62 days!

Happy Easter Holidays, wherever you might be!!